Pregnancy Prep Program

Pregnancy Prep-program

Can you impact the health of your future children?

One of the most common comments we hear when someone is expecting a child is that they just want their child to be healthy. As we picture our children growing up, most parents want their children to have an easier life then they did. As a society however, we are making both of these items more difficult to attain. Our world is becoming more toxic, our food choices less nutritious and we are more sedentary and, in some cases, more stressed then previous generations.  Our current generation of children being born is the first in human history that doesn’t have a longer life expectancy than their parents. We are seeing higher rates of health concerns ranging from anxiety, ADHD, allergies, asthma and autoimmune conditions in children than ever been previously recorded.

If you are considering starting or expanding your family, what can you do to reverse these trends?

The choices you make throughout your life, but in particular the preconception time, can play a huge role in determining the health of your future children. Preconception is the 3-6 months leading up to your pregnancy.  As a woman, you are born with all the eggs you will have during your lifetime but diet and lifestyle choices can impact the quality of the eggs you ovulate. From the eggs primordial state until ovulation is approximately 3 months. For men - you are constantly making new sperm and it takes about 3 months from when the sperm first starts to develop until it ejaculates. This makes it a great time (if you haven’t been making changes already) to start making diet and lifestyle changes to optimize your fertility and your ability to conceive a healthy baby.

What is Pregnancy Prep Program?

The Pregnancy Prep Program is a 4-week online course designed and taught by Dr. Jodie Peacock ND based on clinical knowledge and research to help guide you through changes you can implement to your daily routines.

Week 1

We discuss the importance of a healthy menstrual cycle and the role various hormones and stress can play. We also discuss preconception labs to be able to identify potential concerns with nutrient deficiency, inflammation or hormonal balance. Nutrient deficiencies going into a pregnancy can result in early pregnancy losses or health concerns in your future baby.

Week 2 & 3

We will discuss the role of diet, supplementation and ways to optimize the health of both egg and sperm.

Week 4

The final week will focus on reducing toxicity and optimizing routes of elimination. The course can be done at your own pace with a support Facebook group to answer questions that might arise.

If you are considering starting a family or have been trying for some time, this course will help dispel common myths and focus on actionable changes you can make, to not only improve your health but also the health of your future children.

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